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History - Big Blue Reef Club

Blue Reef Club was the brainchild of a group of friends in the Central Kentucky area, all dedicated Marine Aquarium enthusiasts that came together to form the new club when the Website was abandoned. 

In the words of our first President, Larry Keith Curran, the Club was formed to:

1. Share ideas and tips on “Marine Aquarium Keeping” among friends and enthusiasts in a friendly environment. 
2. Purchase Marine Aquarium Related Equipment that the average Aquarist did not have or could not afford for a single Aquarium. 
3. Sponsor a local Frag Swap so Aquarists would not have to drive several hours to attend a Frag Swap, met Regional Vendors, and form friendships with other like-minded people.

The Hopes and Dreams of our Founding Members came to fruition in November, 2013, when the Big Blue Reef Club was incorporated. Our founding members were David Graemig, our first Director and Incorporator, Larry Keith Curran, our first President, Jason Allman, our first Vice President, and Randy Jones and Dennis Raven, both Directors. Our forum-type website went online on December, 2013.

Our club has always held a variety of monthly meetings. These include Social meetings, such as dinner at a local restaurant, a Poker Night at a Member’s home, and Tank Tours of a Member’s Aquarium and System. There are also Educational Workshop meetings covering topics such as Frozen Food Making, Tank Drilling techniques, Aquarium Automation, and Coral Fragging. Other “Field Trip” oriented meetings, such as visiting more distant Reef Aquarium Shops, touring Regional Coral Growers, and attending other, more distant Clubs Frag Swaps, were also part of Big Blue Reef Club’s Agenda.

Our Club’s first Frag Swap was held in October, 2014 and was a great success thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Founding Members, their families, and enthusiastic Club Members. It was such a success Big Blue Reef Club decided to make Frag Swaps an annual event. After our first Swap the Club took on a Philanthropic twist and donated a portion of the Frag Swap proceeds to Charitable causes. More recently, the Frag Swap has turned its focus toward Education, and we partnered with Locust Trace Agri-Science School in Fayette County Kentucky, where in addition to being an off-grid “Green” school, they maintain a large Reef Aquarium.  

Proceeds from the Frag Swap and Membership dues have afforded Big Blue Reef Club to maintain a Library of essential equipment that our Members can borrow free of charge including a PAR Meter, Microscope, Suction Handles for moving large aquariums, and a Fish Trap as well as a few books and magazines.

While 2020 has been difficult for Big Blue Reef Club as Covid-19 has made it impossible to meet in person since March, the current Board Members have been busy investigating ways to start meetings virtually. In addition, we are reorganizing our Website to make it more user friendly and we look forward to emerging from the Pandemic stronger and more dedicated than ever.